The 3 Best Early Charge Blades | Monster Hunter World (2024)

The 3 Best Early Charge Blades | Monster Hunter World (1)Monster Hunter World

By Martin Hill on March 1, 2021 ( Leave a comment )

Monster Hunter games often leave early charge blade users in a difficult position. The meta for this weapon has always been to grab yourself an Impact Phial version and to aim for your opponents head, much like the hammer. Yet in every MH title the amount of weapon variation is overtly generous, especially in the early game, so exactly which weapons should you grab? Should you pay attention to any of the other phial types, or stick to Impact? Keep reading to see our choices for early game Charge Blades!

Charge Blade #3: Girros Strongarm

Our first recommendation is a charge blade that seems to fly under the radar in the fandom, to the point where we hardly ever see it noted. It’s the Girros Strongarm, and as you might imagine you’re going to need to slay some Great Girros to be able to craft it. We always like to pick quite an easy weapon for our first choice in our early lists, and whilst we understand that the environment itself can be quite hostile, hunting the black paralysis lad isn’t too difficult.

We can understand why some might not recommend such a weapon, after all the large phial abilities of the Charge Blade do not work with things like Affinity or Status, which are the main reasons for crafting it. We’ve chosen to do so however, because it’s not possible to continuously use the huge Impact Phial abilities whilst learning both the weapon and new monster attacks at the same time. What is possible though, is to paralyse your target first, then unleash your huge load of power, hence the Girros choice!

Early Features

  • Impact Phial capable of dealing KO damage.
  • Paralysis is a useful status, especially in early jaunts into Multiplayer.
  • Affinity is a nice addition, though it does not influence the big phial attacks.
  • Good upgrade options in Iceborne, including the fantastic Brachydios Charge Blade


Charge Blade #2: Dear Lutemis

If you’ve read any of our other early weapon recommendations, you’ll note that we often enjoy picking Poison types. We do this for two main reasons; it’s always useful to continuously damage your target when flying solo, and it’s also a reliable way for new players to contribute to multiplayer hunts, where aiming phial attacks can be… Inconsistent. Sure, you’re going to have to take down Rathian a few times to craft this one, but taking on the big green is always fun!

Compared to our last choice you’ll immediately note that the affinity is gone. It’s almost like we’re gradually shedding the less important features as we go through our list and, by association, new hunters learn the weapon. The aforementioned Poison is present of course, which will do it’s job in helping you take down difficult opponents in early High Rank, and whilst it doesn’t have a great deal of upgrade choice, the final Iceborne model is great fun to use.

Early Features

  • Poison status is a great early choice for players still learning.
  • This too features the Impact Phial.
  • Limited upgrade choices, but a great final model in Iceborne.
  • Good long green sharpness that soon upgrades into blue.


Charge Blade #1: Diablos Wall

No matter how skilled, supportive and giving the developer of Monster Hunter is, sometimes they don’t quite balance things just right. This being the case… Welcome to the Diablos Wall Charge Blade, the most powerful early version of the weapon you can possibly find. As you might imagine, this model requires that you take down the horned charging beast a few times, but once you’ve done so there is no looking back…

This charge blade doesn’t feature a status, element or any other bonuses. In fact, it features a heavy chunk of negative affinity, meaning your attacks will have the associated percentage change to deal less damage than usual. Key to this weapon however, is that affinity has no influence on your huge phial attacks, rather they only care about raw damage, something this weapon has in spades. If you can learn to land your discharge attacks, nothing will approach the huge chunks of damage that this thing can put out, and you’ll likely keep this particular model for some time to come.

Early Features

  • Huge raw damage, leading to massive discharge attack damage.
  • Negative affinity, though this does not apply to discharge attacks.
  • Iceborne has other models catch up to this weapon, however in Low and High Rank nothing can come close.

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The 3 Best Early Charge Blades | Monster Hunter World (2024)


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