Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (2024)

Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (1)

Sharen is a Close-Range Electric character in The First Descendant. Read on to learn Sharen's best builds, how to unlock, basic info, skills, as well as their exclusive equipment and skins!

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Sharen Best Builds

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Best Modules Best Weapon and Modules
Best Reactor Best External Components

Best Sharen Modules

Best Sharen Modules
Battlesuit Melting Rounds Modifies to stackable skill. Deacreases the enemy's Electric Resistance instead of stunning them.
Multitalented When using the Dimension Active Skill, Skill Cooldown -X% for Xs. When using the Fusion Active Skill, Skill Cost -X% and Duration +X% for Xs. When using the Tech Active Skill, Skill Range and Power Modifier +X% for Xs. When using the Singular Active Skill, All Attribute Damage +X% for Xs. Only one of the effects is applied.
Spear and Shield DEF +X%, Skill Power +X%
Time Distribution Skill Cooldown -X%, Max HP +X%
Focus on Electric Electric Skill Power +X%, Skill Cooldown -X%
Focus on Fusion Fusion Skill Power Modifier +X%, Skill Cooldown -X%
Electric Specialist Electric Skill Power +X%
Increased DEF DEF +X%
Increased HP Max HP +X%
Strong Mentality Skill Cost -X%

This Sharen build, designed for Void Interceptions, centers around constantly keeping Ambush up with Active Camouflage for massive bursts of damage! The selected modules focus on maximizing Skill Cooldown, Skill Power , and Skill Cost.

This build will utilize the Battlesuit Melting Rounds Skill Module, which replaces the stun from Sharen's Shock Nuts into an Electric resistance debuff on afflicted enemies.

The trick here is to use Active Camouflage to get near the enemy, use the debuff, and then shoot with your electric-tuned shotgun boosted to 100% with Ambush. With low cooldowns, you can keep repeating this pattern!

Modules Guide: List of Modules

Recommended Weapon Types

You will be employing a hit-and-run playstyle that relies on Ambush, so it is best to bring weapons in the Shotgun, Hand Cannon, or Sniper categories to make full use of Ambush.

Optional Modules

If you do not have the Battlesuit Melting Rounds skill module, Sharen with Skill Cooldown and Power still works with her other skills and weapon set-ups. The additional electricity damage, while helpful, is just icing on the cake.

For some of the base modules, you can equip the earlier variants of modules that upgrade cooldowns and power, such as Technician!

Best Sharen Weapon and Modules

Weapon Stat Priority
Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (12)
・Electric ATK
・Firearm ATK
・Critical Hit Rate
・Attribute Status Effect Trigger Rate
Best Modules for Executor
Electric Conductor When attacking enemies inflicted with Electrocution, Firearm ATK +X%.
Electric Gunbarrel Electric ATK +X%, Fire Rate -X%.
Anti-matter Round Firearm ATK +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Damage +X%.
General Round Charge Improvement When acquiring dropped General Rounds, change to X High-Power Round for every X Rounds.
Better Insight Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%
Electric Enhancement Adds Electric ATK equal to X% of Firearm ATK
Rifling Reinforcement Firearm ATK +X%

The Executor is the best weapon that fully encapsulates Sharen's Ambush. Given that you are always safely near the opponents with Active Camouflage, you can consistently activate Executor's Exaltation.

Executor's Exaltation, on max stacks, gives you up to 30% more Firearm ATK and 8% more Crit Rate. However, what you are after here is the consistent 5% Firearm ATK on enemies that are electrocuted; easily achievable with Cutoff Beam after the first shot from Ambush.

When you have no means of gathering High-Round ammo or faced with waves of enemies, it is recommended to use the Thundercage for its ammo typing and electrical properties!

Best Weapons Tier List

Best Sharen Reactor

Reactor Stat Priority
Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (20)Tingling Mixture Reactor ・Skill Cooldown
・Skill Cost Down

For this build, the best reactor is the Tingling Mixture Reactor. The only skills Sharen that deal damage are Cutoff Beam and Flash Shortsword, so it is best to funnel into Fusion!

For the sub-stats, look for Skill Cooldown and Skill Cost Down to spam your core skill, Active Camouflage!

Reactors Guide: List of Reactors

Best Sharen External Components

Set Set Effect

Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (21)Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (22)Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (23)Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (24)

Supernova Set
2-Set Effect:
・Electric Skill Power Modifier +8.6%
4-Set Effect:
・Fusion Skill Power Modifier +12%
・On Electric Skill Attack upon enemy inflicted with Electrocution, activates Executioner's Thunderbolt at the target's location, dealing additional Electric damage equivalent to 100% of Skill Power Modifier (Cooldown for 2s) at a 50% chance.
Stat Priority
・Max HP
・MP Recovery In Combat

For the Supernova Set, it is substantial to only slot in two components for the additional Electric Skill Power. If you plan on using Cutoff Beam more frequently, slotting in the complete set is recommended!

External Components Guide: List of External Components

Sharen Builds and How to Unlock | The First Descendant|Game8 (2024)


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