Monster Hunter World: Charge Blade Guide - Combos, Tips, and How to Use (2024)

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The Charge Blade is perhaps the most mechanically-complex weapon in Monster Hunter World. It transforms from an oversized Sword and Shield into a gigantic axe at the press of a button, and its strength lies in the methodical manipulation of both forms in order to attack and defend effectively.


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Players who are looking for a challenging weapon to master have a lot to be excited about with the Charge Blade. It pays off its user's training with devastating attacks and versatile combos that make it incredibly powerful against all monsters. Here's a beginner's guide for this weapon covering basic weapon manipulation, combos, and a few tricks for general gameplay.

How to Use The Charge Blade

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The Charge Blade is a heavy weapon that makes use of a phial system that affects its attacks. Knowing how to manage these phials is the key to mastering this weapon, and you'll need to know how to charge, load, and unleash these phials before you start thinking about combos.

When you have a Charge Blade equipped, you'll notice phials below your stamina bar — these will light up and change colors as you attack with the weapon in sword and shield form. Once the phials become red-hot, your attacks will start bouncing off monsters. To avoid this, you'll need to press R2+◯ to load the phials into your blade.

After the animation, you'll notice that the phial indicators are now filled. If you press R2+◯ while your indicators are colored yellow, you'll only load half the number of phials. You can reload again to fill the remaining phials, and you can reload while at full phials without losing anything.


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Now that you're fully loaded, you can unleash these phials by pressing ◯ while in axe form. Each hit will consume one phial. Alternatively, you can press △+◯ while in axe form to do an Amped Elemental Discharge. Once all phials are expended, you'll have to charge the weapon up again.

Charge Blades are divided into the Impact and Elemental categories, which are dictated by their phial type and the effects their phial attacks (moves that consume phials) have. The former can stun monsters if you hit their head, while the latter deals more elemental damage overall. Impact CBs have generally stronger SAEDs, while Elemental CBs have better DPS with Savage Axe mode.

Essential Charge Blade Inputs and Combos

Attack Name


Sword Form

Basic Attack

△, △, △

Charged Slash

(Hold) ◯

Forward Slash


Shield Thrust

△+◯ after any sword attack △+◯ while in axe form

Amped Elemental Discharge (AED)


Elemental Roundslash

R2 during AED/SAED windup animation

Super Amped Elemental Discharge (SAED)

△+◯ while the shield is charged △+◯ while in axe form

Savage Axe Slash

L2 during SAED windup

Sliding Slash

Movement input + ◯ after Charged Slash or Shield Thrust

Morph Slash




These are the most commonly used moves for the Charge Blade, and you'll want to familiarize yourself with how they chain with each other as you learn the weapon. You'll be spending most of your time in sword form since axe form is slower and has niche use cases.

The most efficient way to charge your phials is to loop Charged Slash and Shield Thrust together. Consider this your bread-and-butter combo as it deals the most DPS. It also transitions nicely to AED/SAED, letting you charge your shield up seamlessly mid-combo.

Super Amped Elemental Discharge can be hard to hit, but there's a trick to landing it. Once a monster is knocked down, do the bread-and-butter combo, then pull back on your movement stick and press ◯ to do a backward Sliding Slash. This places you just at the tip of the axe's range, making AED/SAED easier to connect to a monster's face.


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How to Charge the Sword and Shield

Monster Hunter World: Charge Blade Guide - Combos, Tips, and How to Use (5)

Now comes the tricky part. Phials can be used to charge your sword and shield by doing the following combos with any number of loaded phials:

  • Shield Charge: (any sword attack), △+◯, △+◯, R2 when the sword is loaded into the shield.
  • Sword Charge: (any sword attack), △+◯, △+◯, hold △ when the sword is loaded into the shield. This can only be done when the shield is charged.

To charge the shield, press △+◯ after a Shield Thrust to do an Amped Elemental Discharge (AED). The animation for the latter has two phases: the loading/windup phase and the swing. You'll want to press either R2 once you hear the click sound during the windup phase. This will cancel your AED into an Elemental Roundslash, charging your shield in the process.


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Charging the sword involves mostly the same steps, except you press △ instead of R2. Hold the button down until the shield compresses, then let it go to unleash an overhead slash that charges your sword. Learning this form of animation canceling is mandatory as it is a key part of using the Charge Blade. Such techniques are also present in Great Swords.

The Charge Blade's signature move, the Super Amped Elemental Discharge (SAED) can only be accessed if the shield is charged. It replaces the normal Amped Elemental Discharge and uses the same button inputs. You can also cancel SAED to perform a Savage Axe Slash, which causes your axe blade to spin and function like a circular chainsaw.

Charge Blade Tips & Tricks

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  • The Artillery skill increases the number of phials you have, which translates to higher SAED damage for Impact CBs.
  • Any animation where the shield is in front of you will block incoming hits. This is called a Guard Point, and it's easily done by timing a monster's attack with the first part of your sword-to-axe transformation animation (R2+△ in sword form). Guard Pointing consumes no weapon sharpness and completely negates damage.
  • Use Spinning Slash to dodge attacks or line up a perfect SAED.
  • You can do a normal AED even when the shield is charged by pulling down on your movement stick and pressing △ during the SAED windup animation.
  • Use axe mode to cut off tails and damage wings.
  • Experiment with different attack combos to find shortcuts for SAED.
Monster Hunter World: Charge Blade Guide - Combos, Tips, and How to Use (8)
Monster Hunter World
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January 26, 2018

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Monster Hunter World: Charge Blade Guide - Combos, Tips, and How to Use (2024)


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