Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Complete Supple Piel Guide - Ricky Spears (2024)

Let me ask you: Do you want to unlock elite Master Rank gear in Sunbreak? Eager to upgrade weapons like the Stealth Dango DBs and items such as the Barioth X armor?


Well my fellow hunter, this guide contains everything you need to know about the valuable crafting material called Supple Piel. I‘ve got tips on the best farming strategies, what equipment Supple Piel creates, and everything in between. Time to master this elastic Leviathan hide!

What Is Supple Piel and Where To Find It

According to in-game descriptions, Supple Piel is categorized as:

"A flexible, elastic hide from a Leviathan. A useful material that requires effort to obtain."

It‘s a shiny blue/purple scale-like item with a rarity level of 8. Useful for upgrading weapons and armor. But what monsters drop it?

Key Supple Piel Sources

MonsterDrop Rate
Zamite (Master Rank only)35%
Jyuratodus25% carve/capture rate in Flooded Forest
Almudron18% from tail carve, 15% head break
Magma Almudron18% from tail carve, 15% back/chest breaks

So based on the table above, Master Rank Zamites in the Frost Islands are by far the most efficient source.

You specifically need to target Zamites in Frost Islands zones 7, 8, 11 and 12. And remember – only Master Rank Zamites provide chances for Supple Piel drops and materials.

Now let‘s overview the icy Leviathans themselves…

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Zamite Ecology and Behavior

Zamites resemble tiny royal ludroths. These Leviathan subspecies travel in packs of up to 8 in the Frost Islands:

  • Zone 7 – Near bone gathering points by the frozen waterfall
  • Zone 8 – Both cave areas by Diablos nest
  • Zones 11 & 12 – Around the icy sloped areas

They are docile and non-aggressive unless attacked first. So I suggest drinking a Ghilie Mantle potion to safely observe their migration paths from a distance.

Once you‘ve tracked Zamite movements, ditch the mantle and go on the offensive! Equip shock or pitfall traps to easily capture multiple Zamites per hunt.

According to official lore, Zamites utilize the slippery frost sacs on their back to glide short distances. Target and attack these frost sacs to impact mobility and potentially carve them upon death.

Breakable PartsRewards
Frost Sac x2Zamite material drops
BackSupple Piel 35% chance
TailSharqskin Scale 25% chance
ClawsCrushing Fang 25% chance
HeadMonster Guts 15% chance

So in summary, the most efficient way to farm Supple Piel is repeatedly hunting and trapping Master Rank Zamites in Frost Islands zones 7, 8, 11 and 12.

Target the frost sacs on their backs, and capture every single one possible to max out your potential rewards per hunt!

Recommended Loadouts and Strategies for Supple Piel Farming

Gear up properly to maximize Zamite hunting efficiency. Bring equipment that enhances mobility, stamina management, and damage output:

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Dual Blades – Extremely mobile shredder of Zamite packs. Look for elemental or status DBs to exploit weaknesses.

Long Sword – Great mix of speed, reach and damage to massacre groups.

Bow – Safely rain down arc shots, power shots and thousand dragons from distance.

Armor Skills

Armor abilities to boost Supple Piel runs:

  • Speed Sharpening – Frequently sharpen without sheathing
  • Marathon Runner – 30% less stamina depletion
  • Constitution – Reduced stamina costs for dodging/attacking
  • Stamina Surge – +30% stamina regen speed

Combine Marathon Runner, Constitution, and Stamina Surge together to hunt indefinitely! Additionally bring armor with Cold Resistance to safely explore Frost Islands.


Supplies to stock up on:

  • Whetstones – Quick sharpening without sheathing
  • Shock Traps (and Trap Tools) – To capture multiple Zamites
  • Mega Dash Juice – Grants infinite stamina for a short duration
  • Powercharm & Power Talon – Permanent raw damage buff

Bring ingredients to craft more traps and juices mid-hunt as well.

Battle Tactics

  • Utilize vertical attacks to mount monsters easier
  • Pitfall or shock trap Zamites the moment they spawn in
  • Focus tails/claws to topple them over
  • Gather from Bonepiles with Botanist armor skill equipped

Rinse and repeat the process – chasing, trapping and gathering every monster in the Frost Islands. Before you know it, you‘ll have more Supple Piel than you know what to do with!

But what are the best weapons and gear to spend it on?

Top Weapons & Armor Requiring Supple Piel

Supple Piel is used to craft and upgrade some of the strongest Master Rank equipment introduced in Sunbreak. This includes unique weapons, meta armor sets and more.

Elite Weapons

Stealth Dango Supreme (Dual Blades)

Perfected Dango tree > Chevalier‘s Sleepy Solution unlock quest > Stealth Dango Supreme

Deals primarily sleep status damage. Useful for group hunts to enable everyone‘s big attacks. Craft with:

  • 2 Supple Piel
  • 2 Torpor Sac
  • 2 Monster Essence
  • 12,000 Zenny

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Razertooth Spear+ (Glaive)

Razertooth Spear path > Sunbreak Supple Piel upgrade > Razertooth Spear+

Top notch ice-elemental glaive. Requires:

  • 4 Supple Piel
  • 2 Crushing Fang
  • 2 Frocium
  • 12,000 Zenny

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Meta Armor Sets

Barioth X – Upgraded MR version of classic set. Skills:

  • Quick Sheathe
  • Maximum Might – Affinity +30
  • Critical Eye

Barioth Vambraces X – Part of Barioth X set. Craft with:

  • 4 Barioth Cortex
  • 1 Barioth Thickfur
  • 2 Cryo Sac
  • 3 Supple Piel
  • 12,000 Zenny

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Edel X Series – Unique floral design. Skills:

  • Poison Resistance
  • Speed Eating
  • Evade Window Up

Multiple parts require Supple Piel to upgrade into the X variants.

Makluva X Series – Stylish beach-themed armor. Skills include:

  • Sleep Resistance
  • Stamina Surge
  • Speed Eating
  • BubblyDance

Both the Makluva Hood X and Makluva Pants X need Supple Piel for crafting.

So spend that Supple Piel on gear like the Stealth Dango DBs, Razertooth Spear upgrade, and MR variants of classic armor sets!


As a passionate Monster Hunter expert with 500+ hours, I consider Supple Piel invaluable for upgrading your loadouts in Sunbreak‘s endgame.

The tips above contain everything you need to know – from tracking Zamite migration routes, to crafting elite weapons like Stealth Dango Supreme.

So get out there and start trapping those Frost Islands Leviathans! Your next Meta Build awaits…

Any questions? Ask me on Twitter @MonsterHunterElite for 1 on 1 advice!

Happy Hunting!

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - The Complete Supple Piel Guide - Ricky Spears (2024)


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