Monster Hunter Rise: Complete Charge Blade Guide (2024)

PresentingMonsterHunterRise, the sixth mainline installment in theMonster Hunterseries. The action RPG video game developed and published by Capcom,released throughout the world on March 26, 2021. It is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch (right now).

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Uniform tootherMonster Huntergames, thereare many types of weapons inRise...14, in fact.The hunter may equip the Bow, theGreat Sword, the Hammer, the Heavy Bowgun, theInsect Glaive, the Lance, theLong Sword, theSwitch Axe, the Dual Blades, theSword and Shield, the Gunlance, the Light Bowgun, theHunting Horn, or the Charge Blade.

The Charge Blade has two modes: Sword and Axe. It also uses Phials to charge and discharge elemental energy. Also, there are guarding possibilities, making this weapon not just offensive but defensive too. However, the player should be prepared to practice how to use the Charge Blade before mastering it.

How To Play Charge Blade

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• X - Weak Slash

• X > X - Return Stroke

• X > X> X - Spinning Slash

Similar to the Switch Axe, the Charge Blade has two forms: Sword and Axe. During Sword Mode, the player can execute a Weak Slash by hitting the X button. Mashing it twice leads to a Return Stroke and smashing it thrice means a Spinning Slash. The Spinning Slash becomes Element Boost Spinning Slash with the R button, too.

• A - Element Discharge

• A (hold) - Charged Double Slash

Another move the hunter has when using the Charge Blade's Sword Mode is Element Discharge. This is possible if they hit the A button and can become a Charged Double Slash if the A button is held down and then released.

• X + A - Forward Slash

• (after attacking) X + A - Shield Thrust

• L + A - Fade Slash

• ZR - Guard

When the X and the A button are pressed together, the hunter does a Forward Slash. Also, the player can follow up an attack with the sword with a Shield Thrust by pressing the X button and the A button immediately after. Tilting the L stick and hitting the A button means a Fade Slash instead.

Moreover, Sword Mode allows guarding with the ZR button.

The Charge BladeAxe

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• X - Rising Slash

• L + X - Dash Slam

When the Charge Blade is in Axe Mode, the player can perform a Rising Slash by hitting the X button. If they tilt the L stick and then hit the X button, the hunter does a Dash Slam.

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Like when using the sword, the player can do an Element Discharge with the A button while equipped with the axe. If they press it twice, the hunter will perform Elemental Discharge II.

• X + A - Amped Element Discharge (or Super Element Discharge)

There is more! With the axe in hand, the hunter will execute an Amped Element Discharge if the player hits the X button and the A button together. When Elemental Boost is active, this becomes a Super Element Discharge.

Best Combos For Charge Blade

• ZR + A - Charge

Something unique to the Charge Blade is what it can do with Phials. While in Sword Mode, the player can Charge by mashing the ZR button and the A button. Sword Energy is built up through landing attacks on monsters. Regarding the Gauge, white means no charges; yellow means some; red means all; pink means overheated.

Then, they use Phils to Elemental Boost themselves. When the Gauge is yellow, Element Discharge and Amped Element Discharge (which use one Phial) may be used, and when it is red, Super Element Discharge and Element Boost Spinning Slash (which use all Phials) may be used.

Here is a fantastic combo to utilize: Counter Peak Performance into Super Element Discharge into Morph Slash. This charges the Phils and activates Element Boost. Another way to charge Phials quickly is Charged Double Slash into Forward Slash into Charged Double Slash into Charge. When it comes to Charge, there is a decent combo for stunning: Charge into Element Discharge into Amped Element Discharge into Dash Slash.

• ZL + A > X + A > ZR

• A (hold) > X + A > A (hold) > ZR + A

• ZR + A > A > X + A > L + X

Morphing Advance And Counter Peak Performance

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For the price of one Gauge, the Silkbind Attack called Morphing Advance can be executed. The hunter uses theWirebug topropel themselves forward, immune to knockback and stun. After, the Charge Blade goes into Axe Mode. This is done with the ZL button and the X button.

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In exchange for two Gauges, the Silkbind Attack called Counter Peak Performance is initiated. The hunter whips out some silk and spreads it out on the ground to protect themselves from a monster's incoming attack. If the monster falls for it, all of the player's Phials will be filled up completely. This is achieved with the ZL button and the A button.

• ZL + X - Morphing Advance

• ZL + A - Counter Peak Performance

The Switch Skills

Monster Hunter Rise: Complete Charge Blade Guide (5)

There are two Switch Skills for the Charge Blade: Axe Hopper and Condensed Spinning Slash. Axe Hopper replaces Counter Peak Performance and Condensed Spinning Slash replaces Condense Element Slash. Both are up to the player.

Axe Hopper is not better than Counter Peak Performance because Counter Peak Performance is just too useful. However, using Axe Hopper, the hunter throws down their axe and leaps into the sky. This may be followed up with an attack. On the other hand, Condensed Spinning Slash is better than Condensed Element Slash. Condensed Element Slash is performed by the player pressing the ZR button and the A button together (and then holding the X button and released at the right time). Condensed Spinning Slash turns this move into a spinning attack that charges Phials. So, as long as they nail the timing, Condensed Spinning Slash does wonders.

Some Tips And Tricks

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The Charge Blade is complicated because it needs efficiency with Phials to be effective. Essentially, the player wants to charge Phials when in Sword Mode and then switch to Axe Mode to discharge all of them. They need to be careful not to overheat the Phial Gauge too, or else attacks will literally bounce off monsters. When that Gauge is yellow, that means three Phials are charged; red means five Phials are charged.

Something incredibly important to note is that the Charge Blade offers a legit shield accessible through the Sword Mode. The player can utilize Guard Points, blocking and opening up the opportunity for counterattacks, by aiming the shield in the direction of incoming attacks. These are also possible through Morph Slash, which is accessible through the sword and the axe.

Despite the weapon being slow to swing, it actually offers solid mobility during Sword Mode. This goes downhill during Axe Mode in exchange for greater power. The Charge Blade is a decent hybrid of defense and offense but definitely requires practice to be used properly.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Complete Charge Blade Guide (2024)


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