Monster Hunter Rise: Charge Blade Guide (Moveset, Combos, & More) (2024)

In Monster Hunter Rise, players can challenge epic monsters as a lone wolf or in a party of up to four hunters. With 14 different weapon types to choose from, there are many strategies available for players and a staggering amount of party compositions. Monster Hunter Rise adds new combat features that are unprecedented in the Monster Hunter series, so even veteran players have much to learn if they want to master these returning weapon classes. This guide focuses on one of the series' most unique weapons - the Charge Blade.

In the history of Monster Hunter, the Charge Blade is one of the newest weapons. It was introduced in Monster Hunter 4, and has been a popular choice for players ever since. The Charge Blade is highly versatile. It has a sword & shield mode which prioritizes speed and defense, and an axe mode that delivers devastating damage. There's a definite learning curve for new players with the Charge Blade though, as it can be difficult to master the process of building up the phials necessary for performing the explosive techniques that the weapon isknown for.

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Charge Blade Controls And Combos

The basic commands for the Sword mode of the Charge Blade are as follows:

  • X - Weak Slash
  • X+A - Forward Slash
  • (Left Stick)+A during a combo - Fade Slash
  • ZR+X - Morph Slash
  • ZR+A - Charge
  • ZR - Guard
  • Hold A - Charged Double Slash

The basic commands for the Axe mode of the Charge Blade are as follows:

  • X - Rising Slash
  • A - Element Discharge
  • X+A - Amped Element Discharge
  • ZR - Morph Slash

The flow of using the Charge Blade is to first perform attacks in Sword mode, thus charging the phials in the weapon's Charge Gauge. When the phials glow yellow or red, the Charge action must be performed to actually fill the phials. If too much energy is built up, it will be detrimental and cause attacks to just bounce off the monster's hide. With the phials full and ready to go, it's time to switch to Axe mode. Discharge attacks in Axe mode will expend the phials, dishing out devastating damage and adding extra effects depending on the weapon's unique phial type. The Equipment Info menu will display if a Charge Blade uses Impact Phial or Element Phial.

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Some useful combos for the Charge Blade are as follows:

  • Sword: Basic Combo

X+A > X > X

  • Sword: Elemental Roudslash Combo into Axe Mode (Power Mode requires more than 1 phial)

(Hold A) > X+A > X+A > ZR

  • Sword: Sword Mode-boosting Combo (during elemental boost only)

(Hold A) > ZR+A > (Hold X)

  • Axe: Combo into Amped Element Discharge

(Left Stick)+X > A > A

  • Axe: Combo into Element Discharge

X > A > X > A

When performing combos, it's important to know that certain Sword mode attacks have blocking frames. At the end of a Spinning Slash, or at the start of a Morph Slash, there will be parts of the attack animation where the hunter's shield is facing forward. If a monster attack hits during this time, it will be blocked automatically.

Element Boost, Sword Boost, and Silkbind Attacks

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To achieve optimum power with the Charge Blade, it's necessary to incorporate boosted states into the combat strategy. Element Boost occurs when the Axe: Elemental Roundslash is performed with at least 1 phial applied. During this state, power and guard capacity will be improved during Axe mode. This also transforms the Amped Element Discharge into the even more devastating Super Element Discharge, and blocking an attack during this state triggers a shield explosion that damages monsters.

Furthermore, performing a Sword: Condensed Element Slash during Element Boost will transition the weapon into Sword Boost mode. This state adds additional attacks to the player's inputs and guarantees that the sword will not be deflected.

Silkbind attacks are a stylish new addition to theMonster Hunter Risecombat system. Hunters are equipped with a Wirebug, which is represented by a number of Wirebug symbols at the bottom of the screen. Silkbind attacks can be executed by pressing either ZL+X or ZL+A and consuming either one or two Wirebugs, depending on the attack. These Wirebugs will then become available again after a short period of time.

Hunters can go into a quest with two Silkbind attacks equipped. It's possible to unlock different Silkbind attacksin the form of Switch Skillsover the course of the game. Once multiple Silkbind attacks are available, the player can switch them in and out to best match their own strategy or playstyle. The following Silkbind attacks are the initial options forCharge Blade users:

  • Morphing Advance - The Wirebug launches the hunter forward while the Charge Blade switches into Axe mode. During the motion, monsters' attacks won’t cause knockback or stun. Costs 1 Wirebug Gauge.
  • Counter Peak Performance - The hunter enters a counter stance, wherein being hit by an attack will cause the phials to be filled to maximum. Costs 1 Wirebug Gauge.

The Charge Blade is a great weapon for players to try. Though intimidating at first, mastering the Charge Blade can lead to some satisfying hunting experiences. There is a large number of weapons to collect in each category, so Charge Blade fans may want to track down some rare materials to build up an arsenal of options for each unique quest. With so many monsters waiting to be challenged, wise hunters will not limit themselves to just a few strategies.

Monster Hunter Riseis now available for the Nintendo Switch. A PC port will launch in early 2022.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Charge Blade Guide (Moveset, Combos, & More) (2024)


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