MHW Iceborne Best Charge Blade Builds [Top 7] (2024)

Updated: 16 Feb 2021 5:57 pm

MHW Iceborne Best Charge Blade Builds [Top 7] (1)

Your Weapon is Trying to Tell You Something When it Starts Glowing

BY: Jordan Privett

The learning curve of the intricate Charge Blade weapon system is in-depth. Much Like Keanu Reeves' “Whoa”, you will be left to master the weapon while being pummeled by monsters

switching back from the said weapon’s two modes; Savage Axe Mode and the Sword and Shield Mode. These builds should help make your training journey a little less painful or if you’ve already mastered some Charge Blade techniques hopefully these builds will just be more icing on the Savage Axe spamming and elemental phial discharging cake.

7. Guiding Lands Build

Start at 22:22

Endgame Charge Blade Builds - Iceborne Amazing Builds - Season 4

What’s Awesome About Guiding Lands Build:

  • All Around Build
  • Good for Any Monster
  • Teostra’s Technique
  • Keep You Moving Through Main Story
  • Artillery and Partbreaker Skills
  • High Handicraft and Affinity
  • Swap in Fortify Skill

Build Details:

  • Soul Fire Brand “Ruin” (Lunastra)
  • Affinity Increase and Health Regen Weapon Augmentations
  • Part Breaker Helps to Acquire More Loot, Gems and Materials
  • Fortify Boosts ATT and DEF Everytime You Respawn
  • Handicraft Extends the Weapon Sharpness Gauge

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Damascus Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Handicraft Charm IV

6. Defensive Tanky Just Gonna Stay Alive This Time Build

Start at 12:28

What’s Awesome About Defensive Tanky Just Gonna Stay Alive This Time Build:

  • Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Staying Allaaaaaaiiiiiiive, Staying Alive! (That One Disco Song)
  • Still Has Safe Amount of Damage Output
  • Very Good Defensive/Quality of Life Skills
  • Zorah Magdoros Essence
  • Decent Chunk of White Sharpness
  • Golden Lune Armor
  • Built-in Divine Blessing
  • Guard Up Skill
  • Part Breaker Skill
  • Recovery Up Slotted in Mantles

Build Details:

  • Safi Shattershield
  • Divine Blessing Skill Gives a Chance of Reducing the Damage You Take
  • Zorah Magdoras Essence, 3 Attack, and Sharpness Awakening Abilities
  • ZM Essense Unlocks Artillery Secret (Maxes Artillery Skill Level to 5)
  • Guard Up Allows You to Guard Against Ordinarily Unblockable Attacks
  • Part Breaker Makes Breaking Monster Parts Easier, Good for Slower Defensive Combat
  • Breaking Parts Make Targets More Vulnerable to Dmg, Often Limiting Monster Attacks
  • Earplugs+ Divine Blessing+ Stun Resistance+ Health Boost+ Guard = Stop, I’m Not Even Ticklish. Oh, You’re Trying to Hurt Me. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!!!!

5. Paralysis Charge Blade Build Kjarr Crit Status

Build #2

Paralysis & Blast Charge Blade Builds | Kjarr Crit Status | MHW Iceborne

What’s Awesome About Paralysis Charge Blade Build Kjarr Crit Status:

  • Teostra’s Technique and Brachydios Will
  • Higher Than Blast Crit Status
  • Guaranteed At Least 2 Paralysis Procks
  • Super High DPS for a Short Amount of TIme
  • Very Good for Multiplayer Support
  • Flexible Build
  • Can Trade Out Attack Boost for Guard or Paralysis Attack
  • Great Against Safi in Multiplayer

Build Details:

  • Teostra’s Technique Unlocks Master’s Touch (Helps Sharpness)
  • Paralyze Stops Enemy From Moving and Attacking for about 8 Seconds
  • Health Regen, Attack or Element all the Way Weapon Augments
  • Augment Mods are 7xAttack or 5xElement, 2xAttack If You Want to Go Elemental
  • Paralysis Attack Skill Increase the Rate of Paralysis Buildup
  • Master’s Touch, Agitator, Attack Boost, Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost, Artillery for DPS

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown y (Arch Tempered)
  • Brachydium Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Challenger Charm V

4. Blast Charge Blade Build Kjarr Crit Status

Build #1

Paralysis & Blast Charge Blade Builds | Kjarr Crit Status | MHW Iceborne

What's Awesome About Blast Charge Blade Builds:

  • Kjarr Strongarm “Crusher” (Kulve Taroth
  • 120% More Blast than Safi CB
  • More Blasts Means More Explosion
  • Built-in Weapon Crit Status
  • Kaiser and Brachydium Armor Mix for Two Awakening Abilities
  • Brachydios Will and Teostra Technique
  • Master’s Touch, Agitator Lv.7, Artillery Skill

Build Details:

  • Kjarr Strongarm “Crusher”
  • 2 Piece Brachy Armor Unlock Brachydios Will (Maxes Agitator Skill)
  • Health Regen, Attack or all the Way Element Weapon Augments
  • Master’s Touch, Critical Status, Agitator, Attack Boost, Artillery, Weakness Exploit, Blast Attack and Critical Boost all Help DPS
  • Artillery Skill Strengthens Explosive Attacks From Blast Charged Phial Attacks

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown y
  • Kaiser Mail beta
  • Brachydium Braces alpha
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Challenger Charm V

3. Unga Bunga Cave Man SAED Hardstyle Build

Build #1

Raging Brachydios Charge Blade Builds | MHW Iceborne

What’s Awesome Unga Bunga Cave Man SAED Hardstyle Build:

  • Brachydios Armor and Weapons are Insane
  • Lightbreak Charge Blade has Second Highest Raw Damage in Game (1080)
  • Lv4 and Lv3 Slot Built in Lightbreak
  • Competible With Safi Charge Blade
  • SAED (Super Amped Elemental Discharge) Gameplay Annihilates
  • Agitator and Attack Boost Both Level 7
  • 100% Affinity on Weak Spots
  • 50% Phial Charge Damage

Build Details:

  • Lightbreak Charge Build (Raging Brachy)
  • SAED is a Special High Damage Attack Requiring Full Phials and a Red Shield Charge
  • Health Regen and Attack Increase Weapon Augments
  • Protective Polish to Keep Purple Sharpness
  • Charged Phials are Best Used in SAED Attacks When Monster is Enraged (Agitator Lv7)
  • Agitator Boosts Attack Damage When Monster Become Enraged
  • Attack Boost, Agitator, Critical Eye, Artillery, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit and Offensive for DPS
  • Quality of LIfe Skills are Focus, Capacity Boost, Guard and Protective Polish
  • Capacity Boost Boosts Phial Capacity

Armor Set:

  • Brachydios Helm beta
  • Damascus Mail beta
  • Brachydium Braces alpha
  • Brachydium Faulds alpha
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Attack Charm IV

2. Raw Damage Savage Axe Spam Non Elemental Charge Blade Build

1st Build

*BEST* Savage Axe & Saed Charge Blade Build | MHW Iceborne

What's Awesome About Raw Damage Savage Axe Spam Non Elemental CB Build:

  • Pure SAED Spamming
  • Easy To Farm Luna Eostre CB (1044 Base Damage)
  • Huge Natural White Sharpness
  • Very High 420 Poison Status Damage
  • Critical Eye Skill Level 7
  • 100% Crit Damage on Weak or Wounded Spots
  • Damascus Mail and Coil Have Built In Focus Skill
  • Offensive Guard Skill

Build Details:

  • Luna Eostre (Gold Rathian)
  • Health Regen and Status Effect Up Weapon Augments
  • Critical Eye Increases Affinity (Critical Chance)
  • Critical Eye, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit, Artillery and for DPS
  • Offensive Guard is an Iceborne Skill That Boosts Attack after Blocking
  • Razor Sharp Halves Sharpness Loss

Armor Set:

  • Barroth Helm beta
  • Damascus Mail beta
  • Shara Ishvalda Braces beta
  • Damascus Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Razor Sharp Charm

1. Elemental Charge Blade Builds

Build #1

Elemental Charge Blade Builds - Stronger Than Ever | MHW Iceborne

Build #1What's Awesome About Elemental Charge Blade Builds:

  • All Kjarr Weapons are Meta
  • RIP Safi Weapons
  • True Dragonvein Awakening
  • Kjarr Ice Charge Blade has the Highest Elemental Damage
  • Built-in Weapon Crit Element Give 35% Elemental Damage
  • Melee Attacks are Just as Strong as the Phials (Element/Status Attacks)
  • 100% Affinity
  • Guard and Focus Skills

Build Details:

  • Kjarr Strongarm “Ice”
  • TDVABoosts AFF, ATT, ELE andSTA
  • Critical Eye, Ice Attack and Critical Boost for Max DPS
  • Focus Skill Increases the Fill Rate for Phials
  • Guard Reduced Knockbacks and Stamina Depletion when Guarding
  • Weakness Exploit is Worthless for Any Elemental Safi Armor Kjarr Build
  • Tenderize, Tenderize and Tenderize

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chestm beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Frost Charm V

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Monster Hunter World Charge Blade

Switch between two different weapon modes: the Sword and Shield Mode and the Axe Mode with the Charge Blade in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

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