MHW Best Charge Blade Builds [Top 7] (2024)

Line em up and keep on swinging in Monster Hunter: World but like any other fine RPG, always make sure your build is in order, dishing out effective damage as well as giving an appropriate defense. These builds will keep you alive and as always are also guiding templates to build toward for players lacking certain expensive gems. MHW is just too full of variety to have a one build does it all.

7. Good Mid Game Build

1st Build

This great mid game build will keep you playing and hunting the monsters you need to farm more high end game gear. It should keep you alive and productive enough in the Guiding Lands where most rare materials are found needed to craft and upgrade more end game gear.

What’s Awesome About Good Mid Game Build:

  • Hidden Guardian
  • Glavenus Essence
  • 3pc Glavenus Armor
  • Guiding Lance Build
  • Vitality and Temporal Mantles
  • Maximum Might, Focus, Attack Boost and Non-Elemental Boost for DPS
  • Comfort With Guard, Handicraft, Earplugs, Capacity Boost and Guard Up
  • Must At Least Have Maximum Might 5, Attack Boost 5, Focus, Guard and Handicraft 3

Build Details:

  • Glavenus Essence Unlocks Maximum Might Secret (Removes Max Might Skill Cap)
  • Temporal Mantle Automatically Evades Reducing Dmg)
  • Maximum Might Skill Boosts Affinity When Stamina is Full for a Period of TIme
  • Non-Elemental Boost Skill Powers Up Non-Elemental Weapons You Have Equipped
  • Earplugs Skill Grant Protection From Large Monsters’ Roars

6. Kjarr Ice Better Than Ever Build

1st Build

With the Kjarr Strongarm Ice, True Dragonvein Awakening from wearing five pieces of Safi’jiva’s Armor and great maxed out DPS skills like Critical Eye, Ice Attack and Critical Boost you will definitely be able to hold your own with this build in Monster Hunter: World. 100% affinity with just Critical Eye is nothing to shake a stick at and Evade Window, Health Boost and Guard will definitely take the pressure off of staying alive and onto getting appropriate DPS.

What’s Awesome About Kjarr Ice Better Than Ever Build:

  • Kjarr Strongarm Ice
  • True Dragonvein Awakening
  • 5pc Safi’jiva Armor
  • Extremely High Base Ice Element Dmg
  • 20% Base Affinity
  • 100% Affinity With Just Critical Eye
  • Critical Element, Critical Eye, Ice Attack, Critical Boost, Focus and Protective Polish for DPS
  • Comfort With Evade Window, Focus, Health Boost, Guard, Blight Resistance, Capacity Boost and Protective Polish

Build Details:

  • Kjarr Strongarm Ice Has Built In Critical Element Skill
  • Critical Element Skill Boosts Elemental Dmg For Critical Hits
  • True Dragonvein Awakening Enhances Attacks When Weapon is Drawn
  • Protective Polish Skill Preserves Sharpness
  • Evade Window Skill Extends the Invulnerability Period While Evading
  • Guard Reduces Knockbacks/ Stamina Depletion When Guarding

5. Counter Fatalis Charge Blade Build

Have you been burnt to smithereens and punished like a red headed step child by the fire breathing spazzing black dragon? Monster Hunter: World’s final dragon did not come onto the scene timid or bashful but breathing fire and charging after you, typically trampling you even when you thought you successfully evaded it.. (Must hang out with Rathalos) This is a great anti-Fatalis build that will keep you alive but still keep you dishing out high DPS with it’s great raw attack damage.

1st Build

What’s Awesome About Counter Fatalis Charge Blade Build:

  • Safi’s Bindshield
  • Brachydios Essence
  • 5pc Brachydios Armor
  • 1318 Base Raw Attack
  • Doesn’t Rely on Affinity for Damage
  • Attack Boost, Agitator, Artillery, Weakness Exploit, Focus, Partbreaker and Fortify for DPS
  • Comfort With Health Boost, Focus, Divine Blessing, Fortify, Capacity Boost, Guard and Protective Polish.

Build Details:

  • Attack Increase Awakened Ability
  • Attack Increase and Health Regen Weapon Augmentations
  • Brachydios Essence Unlocks Agitator Secret (Removes Agitator Skill Cap)
  • Fortify Skill Boosts Attack and Defense Everytime You Cart, Up to Two Times
  • Divine Blessing Skill Has a Chance of Reducing the Damage You Take

4. Savage Axe Swing2Win Lightbreak Charge Blade Build

2nd Build

Some people prefer the Savage Axe mode over the Sword when using the Charge Blade. One appeal is the Savage Axe attacks unleashing high charged elemental/status energy that is filled and stored in phial’s from Sword attacks and releases the energy damage from Axe mode combat. Yea it's a charge up and release kinda thing. Nothing wrong with that everybody it’s totally natural. And with the Lightbreak Charge Blade, Teostra Technique and Brachydios Essence this build just can’t go wrong.

What’s Awesome About Savage Axe Swing2Win Lightbreak Charge Blade Build:

  • Lightbreak Charge Blade
  • Teostra Technique
  • Brachydios Essence
  • 3pc Teostra Armor, 2pc Brachydios
  • Savage Axe Mode
  • Agitator Charm Lv5
  • 70% Anywhere Affinity, 100% on Weak Spots, 120% When Monster is Enraged
  • Critical Eye, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit, Focus, Artillery and Blast Attack for DPS
  • Comfort With Focus, Offensive Guard, Heat Guard, Capacity Boost and Guard

Build Details:

  • Affinity Increase, Health Regen, and Element/Status Effect Up
  • Teostra Technique Unlocks Master’s Touch Skill (Preserves Sharpness)
  • Brachydios Essence Unlocks Agitator Secret (Removes Agitator Skill Cap)
  • Focus Skill Increases the Fill Rate/Charge Rate for Weapons with Gauges/Charge Attack
  • Heat Guard Skill Nullifies Damage From Heat

3. Savage Axe DPS Build True Fatalis Charger

3rd Build

Like the Savage Axe build before, this build also encourages Savage Axe mode over the Sword but with no SAED attacks. The armor and weapon is higher ranked and the elemental discharge attacks are strong but the raw attack damage from the Axe is just as strong if not stronger and takes less work to operate than keeping up with Monster Hunter: World’s extensive phial charging combat energy dispensing system or SAED attacks.. Just switch to Axe mode and keep on swinging that beautiful axe like 16th President Abraham Lincoln chopping wood in the forest, or I don’t know maybe killing vampires?

MHW Best Charge Blade Builds [Top 7] (11)
Honest Abe Was Also a Savage Axe User

What’s Awesome About Savage Axe DPS Build

  • Use Savage Axe Mode
  • No SAED Attacks
  • Fatalis Legend
  • 4pc Fatalis Armor
  • Attack Boost
  • Peak Performance
  • Agitator, Attack Boost, Weakness Exploit, Handicraft, Critical Boost, Peak Performance and Focus for DPS
  • Comfort With Stun Resistance, Handicraft, Focus, Offensive Guard, Capacity Boost and Guard

Build Details:

  • Health Regen Weapon Augments
  • Health Regen Maxes Health to Keep Peak Performance Proc
  • Fatalis Legend Armor Set Bonus Unlocks (2pc) Inheritance and (4pc) Transcendence
  • Inheritance Removes Skill Cap for All Equipped Skill Secrets
  • Peak Performance Skill Boosts Attack When Health is Full
  • Weakness Exploit Skill Increases the Affinity of Weak Spot Attacks
  • Offensive Guard Skill Temporarily Boosts Attack After Successfully Guarding

2. Unga Bunga Cave Man SAED Chadstyle Build Lightbreak Charge Blade

“Unga Bunga Bunga Unga Bunga Unga.” What’s that you say primitive gamer? You like to just pick up games, swing your weapon around, not learn combos, heal occasionally, beat up stuff and progress through games like any other technical, definitely not keeping it simple gamer? Well damn you might be onto something there. This build is definitely for you.

1st Build

What’s Awesome About Unga Bunga Cave Man SAED Chadstyle Build:

  • Lightbreak Charge Blade
  • Brachydios Essence
  • Maxed Artillery and Agitator
  • 4pc Brachydios Armor
  • Attack Boost, Agitator, Critical Eye, Artillery, Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost and Focus for DPS
  • Comfort Your Loins With Focus, Offensive Guard, Capacity Boost and Guard.

Build Details:

  • Attack Increase and Health Regen Weapon Augments
  • Brachydios Essence Unlocks Agitator Secret (Removes Agitator Skill Cap)
  • Critical Eye Skill Increases Affinity
  • Capacity Boost Skill Increases Charge Blade’s Phial Capacity


Last but not least is another Unga Bunga raw damage build that features high endgame Fatalis weapons and armor. And as expected from the final monster in Monster Hunter World, The True Fatalis Charger Charge Blade has the highest base attack of any other Charge Blade in the game and the same can be said about its defensive power in armor. Bottom line is with the weapons and armor crafted from Fatalis you have the best chance in taking on anything in the game.


  • True Fatalis Charger
  • Maxed Agitator and Artillery
  • Fatalis Legend
  • 4pc Fatalis Armor Comes With Healthboost 3
  • Handicraft
  • 50 Hits Of Sharpness Turns Into 150 Hits Purples Sharpness
  • Doesn’t Need Protective Polish or Master’s Touch
  • Critical Eye, Agitator, Artillery, Attack Boost, Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost and Focus for DPS
  • Comfort With Stun Resistance, Guard, Handicraft, Evade Window and Capacity Boost

Build Details:

  • Fatalis Legend Armor Set Bonus Unlocks (2pc) Inheritance and (4pc) Transcendence
  • Transcendence Grants True Razor Sharp/Spare Shot
  • True Razor Sharp/Spare Shot Effect Greatly Reduces Sharpness Loss/Coatings/Ammo
  • Transcendence in Combination With Handicraft Triples Sharpness
  • All Affinity Weapon Augments, Health Regen or Element Up/Defense
  • Artillery Skill Boosts Charge Blade Phial Attacks
  • Stun Resistance Skill Reduces Stun Duration

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MHW Best Charge Blade Builds [Top 7] (2024)


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