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As organizations seek to leverage workforce analytics to improve business results, an important first step is to measure and benchmark your current workforce productivity and HR team performance, quantify the business value of the workforce, and assess your analytics capabilities.

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HR Transformation Consulting & Solution | HCMI (5)

​HCMI offers these configurable solutions that deliver immediate value:

Workforce Productivity & HR Benchmarking

Benchmark workforce productivity, costs and HR performance against industry peers to uncover critical business insights.

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Human Capital Valuation & ISO Reporting

Quantify the business value and financial impact of your workforce, and use the output to meet ISO Human Capital Reporting Standards.

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Workforce Analytics Capabilities Assessment

Identify analytics risks and opportunities by assessing current state capabilities in workforce data, systems, standards and processes.

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Workforce Analytics & Planning Training

Train and upskill your analysts, HR users, and executives to enable data-driven decisions for maximum business impact.

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SOLVE™ Metrics On-Line Library

Gain on-demand access to definitions, formulas, and best usage advice for over 620 workforce metrics

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Solutions Overview

Workforce Productivity & HR Benchmarking

Workforce Productivity Benchmarking uses HCMI’s advanced set of human capital metrics and over 10,000 company global benchmark database to quantify overall workforce productivity, compare relative performance to peers, highlight positive workforce trends and identify potential problem areas for future improvement. Include HR performancebenchmarking to compare your performance against best practice to identify areas where you can improve.

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Get these key questions answered:

  • What is our workforce productivity, how do we rank and are we improving?

  • What is our Total Cost of Workforce, and how is it trending?

  • What is our ROI of investment in workforce?

  • Can we model our workforce to optimize cost, profit and productivity?

Why Benchmark Workforce Productivity?

Organizations need smart and effective employees to compete. For this reason, understanding and quantifying human capital is critical for success and future growth. However, traditional financial statements contain little or no information on the workforce which makes it nearly impossible to benchmark an organization’s productivity and talent management effectiveness.

Benchmarking and trending human capital metrics against best-in-class organizations can provide critical insights to optimize your organization’s human capital to drive business results.


Human Capital Valuation and Reporting

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Human Capital Valuation & ISO Reporting

HCMI's Human Capital Financial Statement (HCF$) is a comprehensive reporting framework that values the business impact of human capital in every stage of the talent management lifecycle and provides the key metrics to meet the ISO Human Capital Reporting Standards.

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HCF$ includes three unique statements:

Human Capital Impact Statement

Measures the quarterly or annual impact of human capital on financial performance

Human Capital Asset Statement

Quantifies the total value of the workforce by job category

Human Capital Flow Statement

Traces the flow of human capital showing where and how it is allocated and used

What are the Benefits?

HCF$ details the cost, impact and return on all areas of investment a company makes in its talent. It also meets the ISO Human Capital Reporting Standards. Use HCF$ to answer these questions:

  • How can we model our workforce to optimize cost, profit and productivity?

  • What is driving our Total Cost of Workforce and how is it trending?

  • What is our workforce productivity? Is it increasing, decreasing or static?

  • What is the differential human capital ROI of different job roles?

Workforce Analytics Capability Assessment

HCMI conducts a multi-dimensional workforce analytics assessment of current state capabilities vs. best practices in the areas of workforce data, systems, tools, standards and processes. The output includes a summary of strengths, improvement areas, risks and opportunities.

Also available is a customized analytics roadmap incorporating assessment results and stakeholder input received through interviews and focus groups. The roadmap outlines suggested action steps, milestones and deliverables to build and sustain a workforce analytics infrastructure and decision-support capability.

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Analytics Assessment

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Workforce Analytics & Planning Training

Since 2009, HCMI’s expert training has helped hundreds of organizations strengthen their in-house workforce analytics & planning capability, including many Global 2,000 companies, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and major government entities around the world.

Online Academy

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"This course is a 'must' for HR professionals. The ability to 'manage by fact' is a key competency, not only for business units, but also for HR practitioners."

~ Senior Vice President,HR at OCBC

The curriculum develops the skills required to measure and analyze the workforce to drive value through better workforce decisions. Key components include critical metrics, data visualization and presentation, and advanced financial and statistical analysis.

HCMI differentiators:

  • Delivered at the client site to reduce travel time and expense

  • Customized to incorporate current client challenges

  • 30+ real-life case studies and 10+ hands-on exercises

  • Proven framework, key metrics, tools, and templates to make an immediate impact

  • Conducted by a team of globally recognized workforce analytics experts


SOLVE™ Metrics Library

The Ultimate On-Line HR Metrics Guide

SOLVE™ Metrics Library provides easy on-demand access to definitions, formulas and best usage advice for over 620 workforce metrics including many best-in-class measurements. This is a must-have resource for any analytics team interested in implementing evidence-based workforce analytics and planning.

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Metrics Handbook

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HR Transformation Consulting & Solution | HCMI (2024)


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